Is your software sabotaging your growth?

What worked when you were only a few locations and a personalised management team may not serve you well when you start to grow and need a system that can easily handle scale and support your strategy for expansion. Rapidly growing your number of locations has obvious strategic benefits. But you can suffer unintended consequences of needing higher levels of administration and staff to implement compliance, process adherence and performance standards across all locations. ClaritMulti Inc has develop solutions to help its medical, cosmetic and dental clients solve these challenges.

Vertical Specific Solutions

Enabling Growth

ClarityMulti provides a powerful technological backbone for use across the entire business, allowing for maximal advantages of new location volume efficiencies.

Typical Client

Our typical customers find traditional practice management solutions too lightweight and Salesforce too cost-prohibitive. Clarity sits neatly between these two points and provides a robust and scalable mid-market solution for multisite medical, cosmetic and dental clinics.

More Locations,
Less Hassles