Client Centric Focus

With a comprehensive CRM capability at its core, Clarity facilitates a company-wide  understanding of your clients and gives your team the insights they need to know them, engage with them and delight them.


Single-server tenancy architecture means the medical, cosmetic and dental versions of the system can be modified and customised to meet the protocols and unique business practices of any client. There is never a need to be compromised by off-the-shelf software limitations.

Robust & Scalable

Clarity has a proven track record at medium-sized and large clients and can seamlessly grow as you grow. Our engineers understand that users make mistakes, and it is designed to withstand unexpected inputs and even intentional abuse.


Clarity has medical-grade security you would expect from a leading software provider. It is compliant with the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and features military-level data encryption, multi-layered barriers against unauthorised access and protection from malicious attackers, including real-time alerts if suspicious activity is detected.

System Architecture

Clarity is a single-tenancy SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for all users in your business. It is designed from the bottom up by people with a deep, real-world understanding of the varying and sometimes competing needs of practitioners, marketers, head office and others in multisite medical, dental and cosmetics companies.

More Locations,
Less Hassles