About ClarityMulti

The idea for Clarity Multi was born out of necessity. Company founder, Avron Rubin, a former executive at a large medical aesthetics clinic group and consultant for pharmaceutical companies was all too familiar with the ongoing challenge companies faced of their IT systems not keeping pace with their growing business sophistication and footprint. This impeded their strategies for growth.

As these companies expand their locations to gain scale efficiencies all to often there were no longer experienced owner-operators onsite, placing increased administrative demands on clinic staff to management compliance and follow operational processes. Companies were faced with a challenge – either bring on additional administration staff or divert existing resources from core services. The latter, risked inconsistencies in service delivery lack of client focus, declining client engagement and ultimately client turnover.

Another strategy to meet the increasingly sophistication needs of each user group, was by purchasing various software solutions in attempt to automate and support users. Unfortunately many of these do not seamlessly integrate, meaning manual importing, exporting and data collation was taking place with furthering admin demands and ultimately, they exacerbated rather than cured the company’s growing pains.

In search of a more streamlined solution some companies turn to Salesforce, which offers scalable architecture however, is not purpose-built for the medical services. The resulting costs to customise, implement and maintain as a specialised vertically integrated was prohibitive for many.

With this in mind, Clarity built a SaaS solution with a deep understanding of the many needs of the different users in a multisite medical services company, be they medical practitioners, marketing executives, front-office staff, the head of IT or the CEO.

From its tech start-up beginnings, Clarity now has 20 full-time software engineers and enviable list of clients. Its software is used by a number of clinic groups in Australia and the United States with 50+ locations. Today more than 500,000 patients are managed by Clarity’s CRM and In 2018, over $100,000,000 was billed through Clarity’s robust POS module.

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